AML & KYC Checks

One of the FCA’s Statutory Objectives is the integrity of the UK’s financial services sector. The provisions of SYSC 6 support this objectives and require fund managers to take a risk based approach to ‘Know Your Customer’ checks. These are frequently left to the last minute and either rushed or done poorly. This leaves fund managers open to disciplinary action by the FCA.

Set out below are some of the projects that we have helped fund managers with:

  • Review of KYC systems to ensure that they meet FCA expectations and SYSC rules
  • KYC checks on Vendor and Purchaser companies, Management Teams and fund investors
  • Managing AML requests Handling AML queries from Vendors, Purchasers and banks
  • MLRO reports to Senior Management to comply with SYSC and JMLSG obligations
  • Training -to ensure that staff are aware of their obligations and equipped to meet them