Simply designing good systems is not of enough. If they are to really make a difference your colleagues need to understand why they exist, how they will help them and your business (or at least how they will prevent them from being hurt.) They need to become part of your culture.

If you are to achieve this then clearly you need to do more than just pin them up on a notice board or put them in a manual and hope that osmosis will result in people understanding and following them. 

Set out below are some of the training projects which we have delivered:

  • Invest Europe– We have worked with Invest Europe to deliver their ‘Finance & Administration’ course and are the course leader for their ‘Invest Europe Regulatory & Legal Master Class’
  • Anti Bribery Training – to help fund managers and portfolio companies understand the impact of the Bribery Act 2010 upon their businesses
  • Anti Money Laundering Training – practical investment based training fund managers in good KYC practices
  • FCA Hanbook training – helping fund managers understand how the provisions of the FCA’s Principles, SYSC and other Handbook rules and the Approved Person regime impacts upon their business and their personal liabilities
  • ESG evaluation, integration and management – investment focussed training to help fund managers understand why a proper understand of ESG issues is an important aspect of due diligencere and how improving standards at a potential investment is an opportunity to increase long term returns and helps build a case for investment in subsequent funds by institutional investors
Whilst there are good computer based training tools available we believe that delivering training in person eg at a team meeting is more effective – real life topics can be discussed and people have the chance to voice their doubts or concerns.